Aim of School

Jesus is the greatest teacher that the world ever had seen .His foot prints are remarkable and ever inspiring to the generation to come. Christ Convent school plays an important role in imparting education. Through education we give training to the students. By educating them to become God’s children with responsibility, patriotism ,Integrity & Fraternity, Honesty & Truthfulness, Respect, Inner Freedom, Feeling of Oneness. The main aim of the school is to

  • Form intellectually developed ,emotionally mature, morally upright and spiritually enlightened citizen who are able to dedicate selfless service to the society and nation
  • To build a new generation of people who are committed to fulfill the task of building up a just society.
  • To help the inner liberation of human.
  • To foster in the students a high degree of integrating honesty, respect, resourcefulness and responsibility.
  • To promote feeling of oneness among the students and staff belonging to different linguistic religious and social groups.

The ultimate aim of the school is to help the students to grow gradually in the likeness of perfect man, Jesus Christ while imparting secular education we shall in corporate constitutional values, sacredness of sex ,love for justice and truth, altruism, respect for law and authority and a sense of universal brotherhood. We ultimately aim to deepen the authentic spiritual formation of all our students. It also broadness the narrow focus on personal academic development and emphasize the holistic and fuller development that meets the challenge of modern culture and society, and its demand for higher levels of competence, and we actively contribute to the betterment of India and its people by sharing nation building.

A major objective of our education is to follow Jesus who showed us the way by proclaiming the kingdom of God on earth by breaking down age old barriers of mind and heart, and all type of exclusion and discrimination for the realization of this goal we welcome our students, teachers, parents and well wishers to be filled with a deep sense of companion for the world, for restoring the integrity of human society and the whole creation.