Sports Facilities

Curriculum of the school given importance to health and physical education. Physical education contributes to the physical, social, emotional and mental development of a child. Christees shows great interest in games. School secretion objectives for the year.

To provide opportunity to every student.
To participate in games and sports.
To develop the leadership qualities among students.
To develop the feeling of sportsmanship.

Co-curricular Facilities

Aesthetic skills plays a vital role in the curriculum of the school . it not only lighten the burden of curriculum on children but also reduce the confidants of their minds. And give them opportunities to bring out emotion from inside creative expression through aesthetic skills enables the students to maintain emotional balance and harmony due to unfenced aesthetic values developed in them.


The school curriculum provides various dance to learn different dance forms. It give complete awareness of the body. It enhanced the sensitivity of person. It is a natural way of expensing human feelings and creating harmony with in and without.


The teacher given a sense of musical through taal, rhythm and conducting various type of competition for the students such as solo, recitation group song.