Other Amenities


Curriculum gives thrust to “Yoga” in order to develop cementation, attention among students. It is a universal truth that modern age is the age of stress, tension and anxiety. The Yoga helped the students to reuse tension and increase mental strength and attention in their studies and yoga class taught them how to do yoga exercise in their daily life. This exercise can be done in a short duration and not expensive, moreover these exercises can be performed in less space.

Though yoga efforts can be made to attain spiritual development can have a good central on mind by doing regular exercise. If our mind is pure we can make efforts to achieve spiritual height. It provided flexibility in their body and made the movements of body efficient and graceful.

Art Education

Art education focused on sensibility among learners it enable them to respond to the beauty in color, shape form, movements and sound. In primary stage focused on experience joy/ enjoyment and given awareness about the beautiful environment including their classroom, school home and community through an integrated learning approach that they enjoy given chance to express freely there ides and emotions about different aspects of live.


Clubs are formed in order to enhance the leadership qualities among student. Every grate work, every big accomplishment has been brought into manifestation though holding a vision. School focused to develop literary and creative skills, leadership skills among students. The students are actively participating in club activities and helping themselves and society in strength inning vales. Students of different club contributed maximum to nourish underprivileged people.