Principal Message

Dream…. Dream to achieve
History began with a dream…..the dream of the creator. In the Bible dreams and visions are part of the revelations. In many instances it reveals God’s message and is a powerful tool of guidance. The dictionary defines Dream as a mental activity occurring during certain phases of sleep. For poets and playwrights dreams gave birth to their creations and for psychologists dreams meant the sum total of all that is happening within an individual- the desires, imaginations, fears, fantasies and experiences .But for leaders and achievers the dreamer in them brought forth the best , leading to great achievements.

Everybody can dream but an achiever transforms them to reality with meticulous planning and smart work. The heights achieved by great is the result of their dreams and actualization of the same by hard work.

Our dream should ignite us to action. If we stand still with our dreams without moving into energetic actions with momentum it will be unproductive and will be akin to waterless clouds.
We need to be daring in order to transform our dreams to realities. Dream it is the quality of living. So dream ……dream to achieve.


Sr. Ananda Chacko